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[icon] Onstage, backstage and beyond.
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Time:08:04 pm

April 17 (Saturday), 18:00

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services of Toronto

2445 Bloor Street West

Free admission

Art initiative "With the Stool to the Ocean"  presents

adventure documentary  
"Three Days in the Life of the Stool"
(UT-1 movie production, director - Slava Popov)

Read more...Collapse )
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Subject:Starlight Burlesque ... STARRING Roxi D'Lite
Time:12:30 pm
Come out and support Toronto's growing Burlesque and Vaudeville community!!

Find us on

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!
Imagine time-travelling over half of a century to the bawdy bars of Berlin, New York and Paris! To the wonderfully elaborate shows of the Ziegfield Follies. We are here to make your wildest fantasies come true! Starlight Burlesque is a troupe dedicated to preserving the golden days of Burlesque and Vaudeville. The gorgeous dames of Starlight Burlesque will treat you to a tasteful, comedic and sensual Cabaret!
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Subject:A Starlight Christmas!
Time:04:20 pm

Friday, December 18th

The Blue Moon
725 Queen St E (At Broadview)
Doors at 9pm/Show at 10pm

$20 in advance at Sunnyside Tattoos
*Tickets May be Available at the Door*
This show will likely sell out! Get your tickets now!


To anyone living or performing Burlesque in the Toronto area, and to any fans of burlesque, we now have a community! Please feel free to promote all Burlesque events in Southern Ontario! Share and discuss your Burlesque experiences!!

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Subject:Godzilla is coming!!!
Time:09:10 am
... well, coming to the stage at Bread & Circus as Monkeyman Productions brings you Godzilla on Sundays!**

This October, Monkeyman Productions brings you our first full-length production, a remounting (and slight reimagining) of the show that actually inspired the creation of the company in the first place. Godzilla on Sundays, written by Toronto playwright D.J. Sylvis, tells the story of two geeky best friends, one girl, and a giant radioactive lizard. As in previous Monkeyman shows, the pop culture references come fast and furious, but the show will appeal to anyone who has ever watched a cheesy movie, goofed around with their best friend, or tried to hold on to someone they love. For more info, check out http://godzillaonsundays.com.

October 14th-17th and 21st-24th
Doors open at 6:30 each night
Show begins at 7:30

Bread & Circus
299 Augusta Avenue, Kensington Market
Tickets $15
(available now! -- click on the link for Bread & Circus above)

** No, the play isn't actually on Sundays. Trust me, it makes sense if you come to the show.
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Time:09:58 pm

Monkeyman Productions Fundraiser for GODZILLA ON SUNDAYS
HARD ROCK CAFE, 279 Yonge St., 2nd Floor
Doors open at 8:00 pm, Suggested donation of $5
***For more information, check out the Facebook event***

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Subject:Out of Character Fringe Show
Time:11:51 am

Out of Character ~ what if you met your soul mate... but you were already married?

Set in the world of role play gamers, Dana and Nick are falling in love, in-character and out.  Or are they? Where are the lines? Reality vs. storyline.

At the Cat's Eye on U of T campus - 10$ @ 8 pm every night of the fringe July 1-12th  (except July 7th)

  Featuring Adrianna Prosser and Leeman Kessler

visit us on facebook

find us at the fringe
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Subject:Play Info! (Please Remove if Not Appropriate)
Time:03:07 pm

 The play by Santo Cervello and Grace Lebecka

"The Sacred Prostitute"
to explore exciting new possibilities for creating fresh models of femininity in the society.
Please join us on June 20th at The Metropolitan United Church
56 Queen St. East, Toronto
at 7:30pm
and on July 25th at the Bloor Street United Church
 300 Bloor St. West, Toronto
at 7:30pm

Buy Now On Line or Call: 416 245-3871

Our intention is to bring the archetype of a Sacred Prostitute to a new level of appreciation for contemporary women and men.The play is inspired by Esther Harding "Women's Mysteries" and Nancy Qualls-Corbett "The Sacred Prostitute"

The Sacred Prostitute
. Why should anyone take an interest in this ancient ritual and how does it serve modern men and women? In ancient time the maiden goes to the temple where she meets within herself the inner man and the god. The stranger journeys to the temple where he meets within himself the inner women and goddess. They are prepared by both priest and priestess and initiated in the sacred act of making love as the embodiment of god and goddess. However, before this act can take place the maiden must recognize the goddess within.
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Current Location:T3E
Subject:Stage makeup ( A little off-topic)
Time:07:45 pm
I have a friend who is in her sister's mennonite wedding party, said friend is covered in tattoo's (a big no-no in the mennonite community!)  Rather than wearing a sweater to cover up her partial sleeve and some foot tat's I thought that using pancake might be a better option.

Can anyone suggest a brand to use?  The few times I've done stage makeup I've used Ben Nye products, but I'm wondering if there's anything out there that might be a better option for the task at hand.

Bonus points if it can be ordered online since she lives in small town Ontario (and I'm currently out of TO)

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Time:07:27 am
Do you like theatre? Sci-fi? Zombies? Well, how about all of the above?
Monkeyman Productions presents MONKEY SCI-FI HORROR THEATRE!Collapse )
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Subject:News From Around the Barrio
Time:07:36 pm

Hello everyone! I am very pleased to be writing to you all from beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia and my own computer (my laptop crashed a few weeks ago, which led to most of my blogs being hastily typed up between 1am-4am at the fine libraries of the University of Toronto). It’s nice to be home, and Meghan is excited to be sending in her first blog from Toronto very soon! Exciting theatrical happenings abound and there is no rest from the success of Canadian theatre artists so I thought that I would do a little roundup of some of the stories that have caught my eye in the past little while that can be summarized neatly into tidy paragraphs.


            First of all, as I’m sure you have all heard, the American Tony Award Nominations were announced shortly before I left Toronto. You can read the list here. I have found that the Tony Awards have lost a lot of their former excitement for me. The Economic Crisis has certainly had an impact on this season of productions which can be seen as a conglomeration of safe, “sure-fire hits.” Even the heart-warming Billy Elliott is a musical based on a film, and a British transfer to Broadway (after it won nine Laurence Olivier Awards is there any surprise that it has been nominated for fifteen Tonys?). My concern is that even before the recession, a few years ago it seemed that Broadway all of a sudden became saturated with musicals based on popular films, Jukebox musicals/revues, and Disney musical adaptations. While I have no problem with any of these three genres individually, I am disheartened at the thought of their power to completely dominate the Great White Way entirely for economic purposes. How will the future Rodgers and Hammersteins, Kander and Ebbs, Lerner and Loewes, Sondheims and Princes, Fosses and Fiersteins, Schwartzes and even Larsons emerge to create art in such an artistic climate? I guess there is always off-Broadway and Fringe.


            Broadway legend, comic genius and television superstar Carol Burnett is coming to Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon (slightly random!?) this June!! Her show Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett is an evening of live, impromptu, banter with her audience. The audience is encouraged to ask questions which will no doubt spiral into hilarious stories and theatrical bliss. Burnett is most well-known for her smash-hit televised variety show The Carol Burnett Show (1967-78) but she also has a slew of other stage, film and television credits to her name. She will be at Massey Hall in Toronto June 12th, 2009, Manitoba Centennial Concert Hall (Winnipeg) June 10th, 2009, Conexus Arts Centre (Regina) June 14th, 2009 and TLU Place (Saskatoon) June 16th, 2009. All shows are at 7:30pm. Carol Burnett does not seem to have an official website, which I think is unfortunate, so for tickets you’re going to have to search the events individually via www.ticketmaster.ca   



            Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times, David Oiye announced his resignation May 7th after a ten year tenure with the company. Oiye, who is also a playwright and a theatre director, says that his decision to step down will give him the opportunity to focus on his own artistic endeavours as well as the chance to “shake things up within the company.” Buddies has faced some recent economic hardship but has been met by fantastic support from the Queer Community and the theatre community and its fundraising efforts from earlier this year apparently exceeded the company’s initial projections. According to xtra.ca (where Queer’s conspire) “during his tenure Oiye presented over thirty-five queer productions, including twenty Toronto premieres of queer Canadian work, as well as oodles of short works as part of Buddies’ nine Rhubarb and four Hysteria festivals. Oiye’s administration also led Buddies productions through 18 Dora Mavor Moore Award nominations, winning six.” Buddies has also recently released its 2009-10 Season, which reflects not only the company’s economic stability and optimism but also a new direction for Buddies, as all of the mainstage shows have been created by women. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to David Oiye for all his hard work and artistic vision for the past ten years. I wish him all the best in his future theatrical ventures and I know that his work will continue to be at the forefront of Canadian queer theatre.


            You can see the delightfully charming singer Brad Hampton and his fierce (and always stunning) accompanist Patti Loach at Sharron’s Party on May 29th, 2009 at 8:00pm, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. For tickets call 416 975-8555. First; however, check out this promotional video. It’s all the rage.



            What do Peggy Baker, Jill Barber, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Laila Biali, Kristin Booth, Melanie Doane, Rosemary DunsmoreKarina Gauvin, Geri Hall, Evelyn Hart, Christine Horne, Arsinee Khanjian, Dawn Langstroth, Ann Marie MacDonald, Seana McKenna, Alisa Palmer, Louise Pitre, Roxanne Potvin, Sonia Rodriguez, Sarah Slean, Dione Taylor, Kristen Thomson, Theresa Tova, Kate Trotter and Sook Yin Lee all have in common? Well, they are all fabulously talented female Canadian artists, but they also all wear clothes designed by the supremely creative, posh-yet spunky- fashion designer Rosemarie Umetsu. These women are all part of Iconic Beauty, which was founded by Umetsu in 2008, as an “ongoing project to celebrate the individual style and art of the Canadian Female Artist through the medium of Fashion Photography.” Each year twenty-four female artists are chosen from across Canada, styled and dressed by Umetsu, and then photographed (this year by Caitlin Cronenberg). Each photograph is interpreted by a visual artist, through a “spectrum of genres that vary every year.” The photographs are exhibited in association with CONTACT, North America’s largest Photography Festival (May 6-31st 2009) R.U studios. 96 Avenue Road. Thursday-Saturday 11am-5pm. Or by appointment. 416 924-7575.

            Proceeds from the net sale of the paintings and photographs will be donated to Learning Through the Arts. Established in 1994 in Toronto, the LTTA encourages, fosters and promotes children to be creative thinkers and leaders.

            Patricia Zentilli, the first lady of the Canadian musical theatre, is currently in Edmonton, Alberta playing Christine Colgate in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre. She received this glowing review from Liz Nicholls of the Edmonton Journal: “Patricia Zentilli, who knows everything there is to know about delivering a musical theatre ballad like Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True, plays their mark, soap queen Christine Colgate, wholesome, blond, American and loaded. She knows how to move those goody two-shoes of hers. Delish.” Delish indeed.

            The National Theatre of the World has announced that Impromptu Splendor has been accepted into the Los Angeles Improv Festival! After proving to be “the real winners of the weekend” at the Chicago Improv Festival last month, which garnered Matt Baram, Naomi Snieckus and Kayla Lorette this praise from Time Out Chicago, “Equal parts funny and tragic, and aided with the help of improve legend Joe Flaherty, these guys proved themselves to be brave, brainy and incredibly agile,” Baram, Snieckus and (Ron) Pederson will take on Hollywood the first week of June! I wish them the very best for this new adventure; the National Theatre of the World is swiftly becoming a real bright feather in Canada’s cap! I wish that Carol Burnett’s appearance in Toronto preceded the LA Improv Festival because I think Impromptu Splendor and the Carnegie Hall Show would be right up Burnett’s alley. She would also be an incredibly fun guest star… maybe when they hit New York?  

            Finally, it has come to my attention that Tony Award winning Broadway star Idina Menzel and her husband Taye Diggs are expecting their first child later this year. I want to wish them every happiness and joy for what I know will be an amazing adventure. Congratulations! (Read the Amanda-Idina Interview here!)

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[icon] Onstage, backstage and beyond.
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